Design of haptic interface with relative position feedback and data deployment using IoT modules

Gálvez, Alejandro
Marroquín, Alberto
Bran, Carlos
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With the improvement on the capabilities of the networks bandwidth, the use of man-machine interfaces for teleoperation has improved significantly, which enhances the development of haptic interfaces that allows to describe the geometry of movement and package it for distribution to remote monitors or other actuators that replicate the geometric position. This document proposes a solution of an inexpensive haptic device, governed by an “Internet of Things” module that facilitates the interaction of its geometry with any node connected to a global network on a P2M model. “Denavit-Hartenberg parameterization” is used to obtain the direct kinematics of the haptic and an IoT embedded system, for signal processing and publication of the coordinates of the “end effector” in the cloud on a user interface of deployment.
Palabras clave
IoT , Denavit-Hartenberg , Teleoperation , Virtual Environment , Kinematic Chain
Gálvez, A, Marroquín, A. y Bran, C. (2016). Design and implementation of mobile robot with embedded internet of thing controller. Presentado en: DASC 2016, Sacramento, Estados Unidos