The resuscitation of Hebrew and its implications for language revitalization

Lemus Sandoval, Jorge Ernesto
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Editorial Universidad Don Bosco
In this paper the author addresses the revival process undergone by the Hebrew language and compares it to revitalization processes, such as the ones undergone by Maori, Basque and Pipil. Even though, the historical, religious and ideological reasons that allowed the revival of Hebrew are not present elsewhere, many lessons can be learned for language revitalization by taking a closer look to the Hebrew revival process. Instead of the religious and ideological reasons present in the Hebrew case, the author proposes the recovery and appreciation of their cultural identity in cases of completely assimilated peoples as a sine qua non requirement for language revitalization.
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Científica , Language , Revitalization , Hebrew , Pipil , Linguistic , Cultural , Assimilation
Lemus, J. (2012). The resuscitation of Hebrew and its implications for language revitalization. Revista Científica, 1 (1), Época 2, pp. 71-82.