System based on sensor dots for monitoring smart buildings

Bran, Carlos
Hernández, Carlos
Gómez, Adalberto
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The environmental impact of the buildings is poorly monitored or null so that most of the buildings in cities suffer from sick building syndrome. Alternatives to monitor the health of buildings are few, expensive and difficult to deploy. the present work proposes a design of a complete solution not only to monitor the health of the building but also to register parameters that allow to get a LEED certification. The design of a low-cost remote terminal unit called sensor dot is proposed as base of the system, the same concept can used for deploy any kind of sensor or control unit. The communication of the sensor dot is based on a simplified message passing model that can be adapted to any transport network, which could extend the applications beyond the control of buildings. The results obtained from the proposed prototype make it comparable with existing commercial solutions.
Palabras clave
Sensor Dot , Embedded Processor , LEED , IoT , Transport Network
Bran, C., Herrera, C. y Gómez, A. "System based on sensor dots for monitoring smart buildings," 2019 IEEE 39th Central America and Panama Convention (CONCAPAN XXXIX), Guatemala City, Guatemala, 2019, pp. 1-6, doi: 10.1109/CONCAPANXXXIX47272.2019.8977019.