Development of SCADA using a RTU based on IoT controller

Medrano, Karens
Altuve, Denis
Belloso, Kelman
Bran, Carlos
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The use of SCADA systems in modern industrial processes represents a high cost to the industrial sector due to licensing payments, difficulty in connecting to RTUs from different manufacturers, support only for industrial communication protocols and limited scalability when using a structured database. In this work, a low cost SCADA system was developed, with the possibility of connecting to an RTU based on IoT technology that makes universal communication with field devices through TCP / IP and supported on a NoSQL database. We also evaluate its functionality on a traffic management process incorporating as semaphore field device, which demonstrates the versatility of the solution with response times comparable to those of any commercial alternative.
Palabras clave
Software , Monitoring , SCADA systems , Big Data , Internet of Things , Hardware , Wireless fidelity
K. Medrano, D. Altuve, K. Belloso and C. Bran, "Development of SCADA using a RTU based on IoT controller," 2018 IEEE International Conference on Automation/XXIII Congress of the Chilean Association of Automatic Control (ICA-ACCA), 2018, pp. 1-6, doi: 10.1109/ICA-ACCA.2018.8609700