Competency-based language teaching in the english classroom challenges and strategies

Pineda Beltrán, Elba Beatriz
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Universidad Don Bosco
Over the years, education has evolved and it is constantly updating its teaching learning system. That is why in the current context, there are internal and external demands to choose or adapt the curricular approach to competencies in institutions. There is evidence that a competency-based approach is being well-thought-out as a pedagogical model in our country by the fact that it fosters life competences for problem solving. However, the competency-based approach may shed a light of uncertainty on how to properly address it on challenging fields such as foreign language teaching. El Salvador displays a growing number of English language learners. Due to that, it is important to clearly understand the concept of importance to properly define the competency-based approach, characteristics and classroom practice. In El Salvador, Universidad Don Bosco adopted the competency-based approach at the School of Languages which previously implemented Competence-based Language Teaching. After six years of competency-based approach to teaching at the School of languages, it becomes of utmost importance to carry out a study to analyze the experience the School of Languages with this approach.
Palabras clave
Gestión del Currículum , Evaluación por competencias , Lenguaje , Pedagogía
Pineda, E. B. (2019). Competency-based language teaching in the english classroom challenges and strategies. (Tesis de maestría no publicada). Universidad Don Bosco, San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A.